Cementing The Seams

The Plot Sickens


- Seven Storey Mountain are a DC post-hardcore worship band (this sounds derogatory but its actually a compliment) from Phoenix, AZ.

- At this time they hadn't incorporated the "Mountain" and were known only as Seven Storey.  Later they would add the final part making their moniker some literary reference that I don't remember and don't care to google.  Somebody's memoirs or something... (Errata: I'm not going to hide the fact that I obviously remembered this wrong since the cover art cleary says "Mountain" right on the fucking front)

- This 7" EP is their first official release (which was also released as a CDep containing an extra track)

- I should be posting something about their last (by which I mean most recent, but could also mean final) LP "At The Poles" which will probably go down as one of my favorite all-time jams from start to finish.  However, I've decided to post this

- I was excited to finally find mp3's of this record because I don't have a turntable or any other device capable ripping vinyl.  So in my excitement, I share.

- A very heavy early-Jawbox vibe on this EP

- Expect to see something about "At The Poles" when I get the time (read: the motivation)

For fans of:  Jawbox, Kerosene 454,  Edsel

Seven Storey Mountain on Myspace

Get it.


Anonymous said...

the literary reference is to the autobiography of thomas merton. he was a promising academic who abandoned his career to become a monk. he was such a mess that his abbot told him he needed to write his autobiography. he did, it ended a national bestseller, and he became very famous. he spent the rest of his time at the monastery just writing about different things (peace, religion, etc). some of his essays are really good.

David "D.C." Caron said...

Please Re-Up + More S.S.M. if at all Possible!!!
Please & Thank You in advance!!!
Keep On Keeping It On!!!

David "D.C." Caron [caffeinevsnicotine@gmail.com]

P.S - Don't Let Your MEAT-LOAF!!!

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