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The Plot Sickens


I read a bit of exciting news today via Vinyl Collective: Able Baker Fox have agreed to be included on a future installment of their Under The Influence singles series! If you're unfamiliar with Vinyl Collective and/or the Under The Influence series you should definitely check it out right here. Basically Vinyl Collective (and by proxy, Suburban Home Records) brings together artists from the punk community to release the occasional 2 song split 7" record on which each band covers a song (of their choice?). ABF will share the honor with punk rock act In The Red. Anyway, they have a streaming player up where you can listen to most of the songs that have been recorded for the series. Check out the current list of upcoming artists that will be involved in the series (you can expect to see artists like Bridge And Tunnel, Cheap Girls and Minus The Bear soon). And hell, why don't you buy some records while you're at it.

Riddle Of Steel performing "John Frum" at The Rosebud in Grand Haven, MI

The Run-down:
Riddle of Steel were a St. Louis, Missouri that released the best record of 2008 ("1985") and two other amazing LPs. They are now sadly defunct and I will never get the chance to see them (actually they are apparently playing a show this October in Oklahoma or somewhere). I could probably go on and on about this band but I'll let the video do the talking. Suffice it to say that Riddle Of Steel plays rock and roll music. The sort that will kick you on you ass.

Why this video is awesome:
First, the introduction is awesome. I would go to shows at this place all the time just to hear the dude talk. Second, he makes reference to RoS's show the previous year that had to be shut down because they played too fucking loud. Not for the neighborhood. For people's ears. Third, the band is totally solid.