Cementing The Seams

The Plot Sickens


This band should be huge.  I mean, they shouldn't be winning Grammies like truly amazing musicians e.g. Bon Iver and Skrillex, but by every taste-making measure Two Inch Astronaut have it where it counts.  All joking aside, this is my favorite band right now.  Every once in a while I listen to something that kinda stupifies me.  It always happens the same way, in well explored genres, where I ask myself this question: Why haven't songs this good already been written?  Red Pancake and Dark Energy is affirmation that good music will stay good forever, even if the future is paved with Iron & Wine by Mumford & Sons.

FFO: Les Savy Fav, Tera Melos, Shipyards

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This post has been way too long coming, so let me apologize for that.  It makes me so happy that I get to listen to music like this.  Gills play muddy, lo-fi, instrumental garage punk with serious balls and variation to spare.  Gills Is Dead sounds like it was recorded with 2 microphones in an empty room, which, sonically and aesthetically, really pays dividends.  Like if you listen hard enough you might be able to hear these dudes breathing, sweating and spastically flinging their limbs about.  Of course it's impossible to hear those last two things, but you get my drift right?

FFO: Sleepies, Ex Wife

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