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Lately it seems like any time the term 'math rock' appears anywhere it is clear impetus for somebody to mention the band Tera Melos.  I'd heard their previous material and was always pretty quick to shrug it off, but "Patagonian Rats" demands attention and deserves it too.  Of course all the elements are there; complicated meter, angular rythms, songs that could easily be 2 or 3 different tracks.  Tera Melos don't do anything that hasn't been done already, but they certainly do it in style.  One of the things that seperates "Patagonian Rats" from the rest of their material is the amount of vocal work.  A noticable increase worked heavily in their favor on the new LP (then again, you may be aware my prejudice regarding instrumental music).  Here is how much I like this album:  I bought the double LP for $20, even though I hate double lp's and I think $20 is too much to pay for a record.  Now when somebody mentions 'math rock', even I will say "did you hear the new Tera Melos?"

For fans of:  Other Men, Les Savy Fav, Dismemberment Plan

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So I realize that you've probably seen every post I've made lately coming from a mile away, but whatever.  At least I'm posting something right?  Anyway, this is another record I have to say something about based on the number of times I've mentioned it since it was announced.  I feared it would never come out, but at long last (a pun by accident!) it has.  Released by the ever-dependable React With Protest on black and green vinyl with a bunch of different color covers, the collaboration of two bands this good demanded that I at least buy two.  So I did.  Dolcim contributes an alternate version of "Richard (54, Priest)" and Hammers offer up two new songs that are out of this world.  As much as I love Dolcim, Hammers really shine on their side of the split.  As much as I hoped this EP would be good I think my expectations were surpassed.  I haven't listened to the link I'm posting, so I hope it's not messed up or anything.  But if it is, so what, you should be buying it right now anyway.

For Fans of:  His Hero Is Gone, Alpinist,

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I was familiar with Hostage Calm before listening to their new LP but it didn't really matter because it sounded nothing like I expected.  Hailing from the indie/punk hotbed (evidently) that spawned recent emo revivalists My Heart To Joy, and Make Do And Mend (Connecticut), Hostage Calm have produced a over-the-top-catchy and imminiently listenable new record that plays effortlessly from start to finish.  I hesitate to call it pop-punk because I feel like it implies a level of simplicity that the record far overshoots, but, there really isn't anything else to call it.  It is pop and punk and it is pretty brilliant.  The songs on the record are all so varied almost every one reminds me of something different (a few sound like Blueline Medic, others like Santana), and I can hardly remember which parts fit into which songs.  I've been listening to it for a couple weeks solid now and it still keeps me guessing.

For fans of:  Polar Bear Club, Pilot To Gunner, The Loved Ones

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