Cementing The Seams

The Plot Sickens


I'm back!  But more importantly, so is the best band in the world: (no, not The Fray silly) Sleepies!  After some hype and a moderate amount of waiting, this Brooklyn trio have released Weird Wild World, the follow up to one of 2010's crowning achievements "Sleepies".  I wish I could accurately describe how good I think this band is, or how they manage to sound like Dinosaur Jr. and Drive Like Jehu and also nothing like them.  I wish I could quantify how much more clever, relevant and rejuvenating this band is in comparison to most acts people will lump them in with.  I wish more bands were as good as this one and that the ones who are would live up to the same standard of quality.  Sleepies are setting the bar guys.

FFO: Drive Like Jehu, Vacation, Les Savy Fav