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Good news: Dolcim's sophomore LP is out.  Bad news:  They are playing their final show in Nashville on August 9th.  Good news: "We Carry The Fire" is really good.  Bad news:  It's still not available stateside (that I can find) other than (I assume) from the band.

"We Carry The Fire" is the next logical step for Dolcim.  They've almost completely shed their remnant screamo sound for a more hardcore-leaning, His Hero Is Gone style feel on this LP, and I couldn't be more pleased.  In a way I suppose Dolcim sortof mirrored CUTC in that they both produced two amazing records that sound completely different, which, in hardcore, is pretty much the perfect career.  It's a shame that Dolcim won't be releasing anymore material (aside from the already recorded split 7" with Hammers), but I'm sure these dudes will get up to something just as exciting in the future.  Until then, I will enjoy the hell out this record.  Every time I listen it gets better.

For fans of:  Cease Upon The Capitol, His Hero Is Gone, Alpinist

Dolcim on Myspace

Get it.

This record took me by surprise for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, I didn't know it was coming out.  Secondly, it is so so so good.  If you aren't familiar with Les Savy Fav they have been one of the best indie/post-punk bands going for quite a while.  Their first release since 2007's "Let's Stay Friends", "Root For Ruin" finds Les Savy Fav polishing their chops with an even better LP that demands to be listened to all the way through, every time.  "Root For Ruin" opens with a few tracks of throwback Fav, songs that sound like they could have festering unrecorded since early in the band's career.  Classic angular guitar work and dynamic composition immmediately reminds long time fans why they are still listening to this band until the record shifts moods with a couple of tracks that would satisfy even the most die-hard Modest Mouse apologists.  The rest of "Root For Ruin" continues to up the ante to an appropriate climax in the last few songs that makes me want to start the record over from the start.  Not a throw-away track among the bunch, "Root For Ruin" will definitely be one of my favorite records of the year.

For fans of: Q And Not U, Dismemberment Plan, other stuff from that era

Les Savy Fav on Myspace

Get it @ Dark Center Of The Universe

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BOYL #8: Tilts

Tilts performing "Sidepipin'" at the Firebird in St. Louis, MO on 5/28/10.

The Run-down:  Tilts is the new project of former Riddle of Steel guitarist/singer Andrew Elstner which also includes members of Shame Club.  They take the schlock rock elements of the last Riddle of Steel record and crank the knob to eleven, describing their sound as "The Immigrant Song meets Dukes of Hazard while listening to Brown Sugar in the General Lee somewhere in the year 1984."  Pretty much spot on.

Why this video is awesome:  Everything is dripping with awesomeness.  The clothes, the lights, the smoke, the guitar solos.  This is pretty much what rock and roll is supposed to look and sound like.

Like Rats are a punk/hardcore band from Chicago, IL that play a stripped down, d-beat influenced sort of punk rock.  Also, it comprises members of always well-recieved Weekend Nachos.  Later this month they will be releasing a 5 song 7" EP with Cosmic Debris records, the label responsible for the new Ambulars 7" "Nothing To Say From Miles Away".  Last year Like Rats released an 8 song EP which can be downloaded for free and is simply awesome.  Get it now, then buy the 7".

Listen and Download at http://likerats.net/