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More great stuff from the inbox.  Sirs are a band from New York who do the up-tempo emo revival thing.  Poppy hooks, gang vocals, twiddly guitars.  It's nothing new but you have to admire bands that do this sort of thing as well as Sirs.  I don't know if this is available on a physical format,  but if it was I would suggest that you buy it.  If it isn't though, they are soon releasing a split 7" with Chalk Talk, a band with whom they have a lot in common and that my girlfriend loves.  So I imagine I'll be hearing a lot of these dudes in the future, which doesn't bother me a bit.  If you are into bands like Algernon Cadwallader or others of that ilk, then definitely give Sirs a shot.

For fans of:  Cap'n Jazz, Monument, Chalk Talk

Stream and Download at Bandcamp

Let me apologize for the recent downtime around here. I recently moved into a new apartment and haven't had internet, or time for listening to music (though I have been occasionally tweeting and tumbling from my phone). Therefore, I have a stack of new records I haven't listened to yet and an inbox full of good music. Anyway, we are now mostly moved in so I should have a little more extra time that I plan to fill with music.

With that out of the way, Ekt Ack are a group of guys from Croatia with a 90's post-hardcore vibe that draw from a lot of different styles of the era. I want to compare them with Jawbox, Drive Like Jehu and Hum all at the same time, but that doesn't really make sense until you listen to it. I'm a sucker for all that stuff though so Ekt Ack really appeals to me. "Manifolds" is really, really good but unfortunately it's only 3 songs. I don't know what these guys are up to in the future but I really hope it involves more releases. Ekt Ack made my day.

For fans of: Those bands I mentioned

Ekt Ack at Bandcamp

Get it.

This will be short.  I've posted stuff by this band before and they absolutely shred.  This collection was released on their recent US tour with June Paik on CD and contains the band's entire discography up til now.  It even has their 2 tracks from their new split 7" with June Paik on React With Protest.  So you've heard me go on about their LP and split 10" with Resurrectionists (in fact I'm putting this on my turntable right now), if you didn't grab those then, do it now.  This is so much good hardcore in one package it's retarded.

For fans of: Alpinist, Hammers, His Hero Is Gone

Battle of Wolf 359 on Myspace

Get it.

Buy their stuff from Meatcube or Vitriol  (both for US buyers)