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The Plot Sickens


More dark hardcore, this time by way of Vancouver, BC.  This LP came out sometime last year but the band is currently awaiting a fresh crop of wax to sell to the masses, and I'm hoping I can get my hands on one.  Tempest previously released a crazy good 4 song demo tape in 2008 and a 7" containing one song from the demo, one exclusive and (weirdly) the title track of their new LP.  Anyway this is really good and this post has been open in my browser for a week.  Apparently it won't write itself, but "Passages" will speak for itself.

FFO: Surroundings, Planks, Finisterre

Planks follow up their 2010 full length "The Darkest of Greys" with a 4 song 12" of songs leftover from sessions recording their LP.  Planks are from Germany and play a mix of crust-punk inpired hardcore with a heavy black metal feel.  Anyway, this EP doesn't feel like a collection of b-sides as much as a stand-alone record in the same vein as the previous album.  "Solicit to Fall" definitely holds its own in comparison to "Greys".   If you're into the sort of thing that labels like Vendetta (Germany) and Halo Of Flies (US) are doing then you should check this out.

FFO: Northless, Protestant, Black Freighter

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Boston's Daniel Striped Tiger is a band I've been on the fence about for a while.  I've listened to just about everything they've released and it's all pretty good.  You know? Pretty good.  If a DST record is playing, I will enjoy it no doubt.  If it isn't playing, I'm probably not going to put it on; until now.  "No Difference" is pretty much what I imagine of whenever anyone says 'post-hardcore' (mostly when I say it).  It has all the necessary elements: Angular rhythms, minor chord abuse, flucuating meter, artsy fartsy bits, actual melody, yelling but not screaming.  This record is far better than I expected or even hoped.  I am sorry Daniel Striped Tiger, I should never have doubted you.  Thank you very much.

FFO: Fugazi, Frodus, Drive Like Jehu

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Man, this album is something else.  It's one of those records that is always over before you realize it and begs to be restarted as soon as it is.  Memory Map are an indie-rock band from Bloomington, IN who share member(s?) with Good Luck and play a late 90's/early 00's indie pop/rock resurrection.  Comparisons to genre titans like Q And Not U and Dismemberment Plan are easy but fail to demonstrate the range on "Holiday Band".  It should give you an idea though.  Songs range from bright indie-pop a la The Shins to mathy DC-influenced rock (I suppose I made this point already) to folk punk.  Don't take that to mean that it's disjointed, because it is exceedingly well crafted.  One of the easiest records to listen to in recent memory. 

Reader note: I'm going to bring this FFO thing back even though it's annoying.  As redundant as it seems, even I like to see it sometimes.

FFO: Dismemberment Plan, The Joggers, Q And Not U

Memory Map at Bandcamp