Cementing The Seams

The Plot Sickens


- Init Records put this CD in with my pre-order of the new Kidcrash LP and I finally listened to it.  Honestly it's pretty good.

- They're from Murfreesboro, Tennessee (I sortof want to live in this town, maybe you can figure out why)

- The Black Soul Choir used to be called The Falling (I know right)

- Init has this to say: "The 5-song CD from this DC-influenced Murfreesboro, Tennessee band who have been compared to Jawbox, Rites Of Spring, Rye Coalition, Fugazi, and At The Drive-In", which is a pretty fair assessment.  They also have a bit of a bluesy/swaggy indie rock feel mixed in.

- Bad band names aside, these guys are thoroughly enjoyable to say the least.

For fans of: See above

The Black Soul Choir on Myspace

Get it.

Buy it from Init Records for $1


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