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I've been listening to this for a few months now, and every time I do it just gets better. Pine Barrens are from Manchester, UK (there is evidently a Pine Barrens from Philadelphia) and play a mix of dark hardcore and black metal. A bit like Tempest meets Bone Awl.  Anyway I finally found the tape for sale in the US a few weeks ago so I picked it up and remembered how good this demo is. I'm surprised this shit isn't more hyped to be honest.

FFO: Drainland, Bone Awl, Darkthrone

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I was certain that the Masakari/Alpinist split LP was going to be the best thing to be released in this genre this year.  I was wrong. This is better.

FFO: Alpinist and Masakari

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Vacation are hard to peg. Aesthetically I think we're supposed to assume that they are a pop-punk band. Musically, describing them that way would be horribly innacurate.  On their self titled LP, Vacation draw from a lot of diverse decks.  Sometimes it's undeniably pop-punk. At others their lo-fi garage pop sound dominates.  Some parts even sound like big ticket indie rock, but somehow, every song sounds like all this shit at the same time. I don't know how they do it, and I really don't know how to describe it, but I can tell you that you're gonna like it.  

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LVL UP comprises members of the NY emo band SIRS and lo-fi acts like Weird Korea and Morrison Brook.  They play throwback indie rock that sounds like Pavement (I'm sorry I compare everybody to Pavement), or a baby wrought from Modest Mouse and Superchunk.  "None of these bands sound the same" you might say.  OK then. "Space Brothers" is a jangly jamfest that will make your inner angsty teen grin like a nostalgic idiot. Or maybe that will only happen to me.

FFO: Modest Mouse, Superchunk, The Wrens, The Gifted Children

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Remember in the last post when I talked about what made this all worth it?  Here is another shining example.  Town Portal are a math-rock band from Denmark with 2 members of Shelflife. The essence of Shelflife seeps through but Town Portal opens new doors.  The elements are pretty much all the same: dual guitars, thick basslines, shades of midwestern math-rock a la Shiner, Chavez, and Rodan, and precise mastering.  On Vacuum Horror though, the band significantly ups the heaviness quotient and basically rocks the fuck out.  Everything about this release is so good (the music, the art, the name) you have no excuse not to listen to it.

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