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Sunny Day Real Estate performing "Seven" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 9/29/09

The Run-down: It's Sunny Day Real Estate...

Why this video is awesome: See above. Actually this one sort of defies convention. Rather than being a home recording like the rest its obviously taken from television, so the production is obviously top notch. Anyway, its still a pretty excellent performance, even though Fallon is mostly intolerable

The Marshes were sort of lost in the shuffle of 90's punk bands. Definitely not one of those groups people are still salivating over. They never had anything to do with Epitaph, Fat or Hopeless records (although they released this album on Dr. Strange which certainly wasn't obscure at the time) and honestly they didn't have a ton of lasting appeal. They released four full length albums and a few split 7" records with some bands I've never heard of before or since. Oh, also, one of its members played in DC post-hardcore acts Dag Nasty and Fugazi (for a short time). They also have some connection with Down By Law, the much more popular 90's punk act. Now, I'm not exactly sure how I came across "Pox On The Tracts". I'm pretty sure it was because the song "Girl On The Bus", which is like one of the best punk songs of all time and space, was on some compilation cd that a friend of mine had (actually I just realized it was Cinema Beer Nuts, a soundtrack to a music video compilation tape, released by Hopeless records, so scratch that earlier statement). Shit, anyway basically what I'm trying to say is that "Pox On The Tracts" is sort of a diamond in the rough. Both within the realm of 90's punk and the Marshes own material. If you enjoy the sort of pseudo-melodic, twangy bass, punk rock that takes its queues from east coast hardcore then you should really like this album. Beware, it's sort of a grower, but the payoff is a list of songs that represent punk in decades past and sound great.

For fans of: 90's punk, how many damn times do I have to say it

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I listened to this album one time today and already know it's brilliant. Kidcrash are an emo/screamo band from Portland, Oregon who have released material with bands like Mexico's Arse Moreira (who have a way with being attached to split EPs that never come out) and fellow emo revivalists L'anietam, with whom they share a high pedestal in the realm of blending the twiddly midwestern emo of the 90's with innovative screamy hardcore. I really hope this record holds up under repeated listenings because it was one of the freshest things I've heard recently in a genre that I'm honestly pretty burned out on right now. "Snacks" is an emo ray of hope.

Bonus Content: Kidcrash gives away all of their previous recordings for free at German label Denovali. Denovali also offers releases from a ton of excellent bands (namely Dominic who just released a new album)

For fans of: L'antietam, Loma Prieta, Kaddish

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Pre-Order from Init Records (for us North Americans) and Denovali (for lucky Euros)

You dudes like emo? Listen to this.

Ex Wife are a New Jersey two-piece and they evidently are selling a demo CD at shows and are recording some sort of album which I am extremely excited about. That is all I know, other than that they are quite excellent.

For fans of: Algernon Cadwallader, Monument, Drive Like Jehu

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I briefly mentioned these guys before in that review of Dolcim's "Guillotine Ride". Sanctions are a hardcore band from Nashville, TN and comprise the other two dudes from Cease Upon The Capitol, and I love that band so it was only a matter of time before I gave Sanctions a thorough listen. Now, unlike Dolcim, Sanctions sound pretty much nothing like CUTC, but I suppose to the uninocculated, the harsh vocals and thrashy guitar could create some confusion. Sanctions are probably best described as crust punk, which, as far as genre names go, is remarkably concise and sounds basically like you'd think. It's equal parts punk and grind but Sanctions seem more the former than the latter. Their first full-length, 2007's "Home Sweet Home" is a positively raging record that displays Sanctions aptitude for writing simple yet powerful punk riffs and working them into crushing, chaotic 2 minute hardcore jams. Most recently they released a split 10" with fellow Nashville band Dawn. The 5 songs on their side prove that their debut was no fluke and that Sanctions are the real fucking deal. "Home Sweet Home" is available on CD and cassette (unfortunately no vinyl release) while the split is vinyl exclusive and comes packaged quite excellently, hand-numbered with lovely screen-printed inserts.

For Fans of: Cursed, Hammers, Trap Them, Cease Upon The Capitol (kind of)

Sanctions on Myspace

Buy Sanctions stuff at Anti-Corporate and ICFYC

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BOYL #5: Daria

Daria performing "Tightrope Walker" at Maroq'n'roll Festival 12/06/08

The Run-down: Daria are a rock band from France whose latest record "Open Fire" was released in March of this year and was recorded by J. Robbins, which is the only reason I know about them. I haven't heard "Open Fire" but I've already kind of fallen in love with it just listening to a few songs online repeatedly, particularly "Tightrope Walker" (which you can listen to at the Magpie Cage). I have come extremely close to paying $19.13 (13 Euros) plus international shipping fees for their CD but I can't really justify it (maybe for a copy on vinyl) as it isn't on sale in the US. It doesn't appear to be on sale as mp3s anywhere either. Somebody find this for me.

Why this video is awesome: Like all the BOYL videos, the sound quality is pretty superb for a youtube recording. Of course, the song is fucking aces, but what I really enjoy is that the crowd is pretty stoic except for exactly one person (on the right) who is likely the only person who knows the song and isn't afraid to flail around like an ape. Excellent.

A while back I posted about this record's release and how great Canadian Rifle's previous material was and then just sort of dropped it. That's because when I first heard it I wasn't as impressed as I anticipated that I would be. I then forgot to give it subsequent listens and set it aside for a while. When I did get around to giving it it a fair shot, I fortunately turned out to be dead wrong because "Visibility Zero" is excellent. I mentioned it before but Canadian Rifle play a version of west coast hardcore punk with a midwestern swing all their own. And that's it. Stripped down glorious punk tunes that feel as old school as they do totally fresh. Believe me Canadian Rifle are one of the best punk bands around right now.

For fans of: Youth Brigade, Leatherface, Jawbreaker

Canadian Rifle on Myspace

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Then buy it.

- First Aid Kit are a Connecticut band that was together for the early part of this decade.

- "Forgot ID" is the 3-song follow up to their debut LP "Frights and Shivers" which I still can't form a clear opinion on. It is also the last thing they recorded.

- When people use the word "angular" when describing East Coast post-hardcore this is what they're talking about

- The second track, "Sidewalk Antics", is among the better songs in existence

For fans of: Q And Not U, Pilot To Gunner, Medications

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