Cementing The Seams

The Plot Sickens


I want to call Drainland "devastating" or some crap like that but it seems kinda trite.  The band describes it as "kinda Unruh/Cattlepress/Godflesh inspired stuff" which essentially boils down to a middle ground between hardcore, metal and punk a la Titan or Hammers.  Which of course totally agrees with my taste as of late.  Drainland are from Ireland and the rest of their catalog (a split 10" with Scottish grindcore band Grinding Halt, and a 3 song ep) is pretty good too, but "...Our Troubles..." is their best ouput so far.  6 songs of (fuck it) devastating hardcore that will rattle your skull from beginning to end and for the perfect amount of time.

For fans of: Hammers, Godflesh, catholicism, potatos

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