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I'm not sure exactly what I'm about to write about this record, although I can pretty much assure you that no matter what it is, it will fall short of the praise I think it really deserves.  Sleepies are a 3 piece pop-punk band from Brooklyn who just released their first full length LP in an edition of 200 copies.   Let me begin by saying that it is a crime that only 200 copies of this album exist.  Though I suppose at this day in age, the amount of physical copies of an album has relatively little to do with it's exposure in the right conditions.  But I digress, Sleepies mash together some of the catchiest pop-punk with some of the most well-placed post-hardcore influenced guitar riffs I can recall hearing, ever.  That probably doesn't make any sense, but whatever.   Basically they sound like if Drive Like Jehu and Pavement had a baby that moved to Detroit and released an album on In The Red Records.  This record will absolutely be my go-to jam all summer long, and most likely for a long time after that. It is incredible.  Here Come The Sleepies.

Lastly here is a mission statement from the band
"We endorse:
- House shows
- John Madden
- Imaginary band feuds

We have no time for:
- Machismo
- The last episode of Battlestar Galactica (Seriously, [SPOILER ALERT] Starbuck is an angel??? What the frak...)"

Sorry about the BSG spoilers

For Fans of:  Drive Like Jehu, Scared Of Chaka, Pavement

Sleepies on Myspace

Buy The LP 

If you're like me, you have a weird aversion to musical acts that are just a dude's (or lady's) name.  Somehow, I'm more willing to listen to a solo act if the project has some unnecessary moniker.  Strangely, bands that use a person's name don't evoke the same distaste (i.e. Ethel Meserve, Doris Henson, Amanda Woodward, Jackie Carol etc).  Basically I'm writing about this to illustrate how stupid I am, because this guy Ajay Malghan sent me an email with a link to his new album "...In The Future Everything Is Perfect", and I will now listen to it all the time.  "Future" (as it will be called to the remainder of this review) is a swell example of non-pretentious indie rock that isn't as popular as it should be.  No flash or pomp, just really solid traditional song-writing and catchy melodies, mixed in with a bluesy feel that makes me want to play it loudly.  Also, I suppose I should mention that "Future" was written, performed, and engineered by Malghan alone, which is no small feat.  So check this out.  It's free to stream and free to download, so you have everything to gain.

For fans of:  The Black Keys, Colour Revolt, Constantines

Ajay Malghan at Bandcamp (stream + download)