Cementing The Seams

The Plot Sickens


 I said I'd do it, so here it is.  This is one of those records that's amazing from start to finish and at one point or another just about every song was my favorite.  There are only a handful of albums I can really say that about.  Like I said in the previous post this is more DC indie-rock/post-hardcore fare.  Of course 11 years later SSM had a little time to polish their sound.  "At The Poles" is probably their most aggressive effort, so don't expect to hear the exact same type of stuff from their 7".  I know I really like something when I can't explain why.

For fans of: Jawbox, Kerosene 454, Edsel

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Get it.


Jeff said...

thanks for posting this, wasn't aware they'd release anything in years. you probably have their other albums too, but if you don't, do get them. i'm still on my first run through at the poles, so far i like it but i like the previous ones better still. anyhoo, as soon as i come by the necessary cash, i'm def gonna buy this one. thrilled to read on their page they're cooking up a new album for 2010. great band :)

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