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- Sorry I haven't posted a current full-length album in a while. But EPs seem to be where it's at as of late. Plus, I like writing in bullets

- Anway, Forming are a Southern California band who play a brand of mellow, poppy indie rock that is really good, for lack of a better descriptor.

- It reminds me of a lot of bands like Cheap Girls, Tin Armor and other slowjam punk-rock acts you might see in the line-up for The Fest (they might have been there for all I know).

- "Sleep Like A Dog" is their debut and was released by Vitriol Records, which, if you have been paying attention, is run by members of Graf Orlock/Ghostlimb. I actually had been listening to this for a while and was surprised to finally learn that Vitriol released it. Doesn't seem like it fits, but clearly these dudes know good music. Watch for Vitriol Records in the future.

- Oh, they are giving it away for free too!

For fans of: Cheap Girls, The Wrens, Tigers Jaw

Forming on Myspace

Get it.

Buy it and other great stuff from Vitriol Records (check out the Graf Orlock shirts)


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