Cementing The Seams

The Plot Sickens


Is, I think I can safely say:  The Strungs.

For a band to release 3 EP's (technically Volume 1 came out in December but who's keeping track?) and a full length and completely kill it on every single one is reason enough to give them the honor of record(s) of the year.  Some bands impress you with their virtuosity, some blow your mind doing something you've never heard before. I do a lot of comparing bands by nature, but I find that the best bands make you forget that anybody else makes music like them.  I know The Strungs aren't the only lo-fi indie pop band in existence, but when I listen to them, they don't make me think about Guided By Voices or Superchunk.  In fact, mostly I just think; "How can songs so simple be so good, and how can they write so many?".  Which brings me back to the point.  The Strungs made the best music of the year because they made it essentially devoid of instrumental masturbation or any elements intended to impress you.  To me, this band represents what's fundamentally great about music, and that's why they're probably the only band I've listened to regularly all year long.

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