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One of my most highly anticipated releases of this year has finally been released and I am thrilled not to be disappointed.  If that sounded sorta tongue-in-cheek it wasn't meant to be, it was merely a comment on my track record of "most highly anticipated releases" lately.  "Completely Removed" is the new album by DC math-rock group Medications, who, if you don't know, is made up of former members of Faraquet.  Medications had previously extrapolated on the Faraquet sound, refining it albeit roughening the edges a bit.  Now, if you had been following this release (like me) you probably got the hint that the new record would be a significant departure sonically from their first 2 releases.   This turned out to be so true that I'm surprised it didn't elicit a name change, what with the band losing a drummer and functioning/recording largely as a two-piece.  Normally I'm not always on board when bands try to reinvent themselves (I say 'try' but it may have been an accident), but it's pretty hard to stay mad at these guys.  "Completely Removed" showcases the range of skill and songwriting Devin Ocampo and Chad Molter are really capable of, and they are seriously capable.  Most of the songs on "Completely Removed" exude a poppy/catchiness that have never really strove for but just happen to be really good at.  Of course their instrumental chops are not to be ignored and while their math-rock roots are still ever-present (if subdued a little) they do a lot of experimenting that seems to jump around from song to song.  There are as many Pink Floyd as Faraquet moments, though this is in no way a bad thing.  Suffice to say, however different "Completely Removed" is from the rest of the Medications catalog, it's a worthwhile addition and one of the best records I've heard in quite a while.

For Fans of:  Faraquet, Karate, Beauty Pill

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Awesome review. Loving that album.


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