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The Plot Sickens


This came in the mail last week.  I bit the int'l-shipping bullet and pre-ordered it because I really liked Battle of Wolf's LP from last year, and they were offering a special version if you pre-ordered it (and I'm a nerd), and I felt like spending money.  It was impulsive, that's what I'm saying.  Anyhow, I'm really glad I did because especially impressed with this release.  Battle of Wolf delivers huge on their side with 3 of the best songs they've recorded.  Not much is new but this band does keep getting better and better as time goes on.  If you're familiar with BoW you should probably know what you're getting.  If you're not, expect some hardcore mixed with screamo mixed with d-beat... really these guys are prolific style-blenders, and do it while maintaining ferocious melody and their own unique sonic stamp.  No matter what their influence you pretty much can't mistake Battle Of Wolf 359, and no matter what it will pretty much kick ass.  Resurrectionists' side of the split actually came as a surprise to me.  Not because I didn't know what I was getting into, but because I was so into it.  I'd heard their demo a while back and tried to enjoy it a few times but it always seemed to fall a little flat.  Now though, they have carved out their sound and honed their frantic musical engery in such a way that is quite enjoyable and compliments the other side of the record very well indeed.  Resurrectionists just released their first LP, which I am retroactively kicking myself for not ordering because I'm certain it's not available in the US right now.  Anyway, on their side they offer up a little faster paced mix of grind and power violence that might knock you out.  This album sounds really great (in the recording/fidelity sort of way) and is packaged really well.  It pretty much rules all around.

For fans of:  Dolcim, Graf Orlock, Hammers

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Get it.

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