Cementing The Seams

The Plot Sickens


Yeah, so I've posted about this band a few times, talking about how they are the next big thing and all that jazz.  This probably isn't true, but it pretty much should be.  They have all the right elements: catchy songs, hip tour-mates, an aire of sincere non-suckiness and occasional gang vocals.  Seriously though, these are some of the best punk songs I've heard in sequence in I don't know how long, and if the world is a fair place (it isn't) these guys will be huge (they might).  Punk-huge anyway.  So, I'm posting this because you can now purchase the cassette version (read: only version) of Hoop Dreams from Mountain Man Records.  If tapes aren't your thing, evidently Protagonist Music is handling a vinyl release before the summer, but I don't really know anything specific.

For fans of: Spires, The Sidekicks, Get Bent

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Get it.

Buy it from Mountain Man Records


Kevin Duquette said...

The project is a split-label effort between Protagonist and Topshelf Records, with each label having an exclusive color of vinyl to offer. Protagonist has the multi-colored wax, and Topshelf has pink-swirl and t-shirt deals.


Nervhous Records said...

the CD version is out from Pissart Records.

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