Cementing The Seams

The Plot Sickens


Perhaps you have noticed a thing or two changing around CTS.  Perhaps this is your first time reading it. Whatever.  Either way one of the things you would have noticed would be the links directly above the newest post for emails, Tumblr, Twitter (i know) and Dead Format.  Yes, I stole the look AND some of the icons directly from my girlfriend's (very popular) blog .:The Batcave Below:.

The most recent change is on the right.  Over there is the feed from my Tumblr page.  Tumblr is pretty cool and great for posting random shit, but it's a little too messy to make a complete move.  So there will be supplemental stuff going on over there all the time (posting random pictures/links/reblogging/general cool shit), and you can check it all out in the little box on the right.  OR.  You can just head on over to Cementing The Seams on Tumblr.



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