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The Plot Sickens


I never really understood this, and I still don't.  For some reason independent punk labels in the 90's occasionally produced music videos for bands that existed in spite of the existence of music videos.  They couldn't have helped promotion, as the market for these bands operated in a completely seperate paradigm than that which would normally employ music videos.  The videos usually only appeared on VHS compilations marketed toward people who already bought the label's music.  This being the case, they were all cheap and awful.  It's like the least 'punk' thing I can think of right now. 

But still, there is something endearing about them I suppose.  To wit:

"Do It For You" by Brand New Unit
Brand New Unit were a pretty unremarkble band whose one claim to fame is accidentilly writing one of the best songs in the world (up to interpretation).  "Do It For You" is such a good song it's a little painful to watch this video, but it at least makes a little sense.  I get it.

"49/61" by Jughead's Revenge
This is one of those songs that appeared on a VHS compilation tape released by Hopeless Records.  It was called Cinema Beer Goggles and somebody I knew owned it (though I have NO IDEA who it actually belonged to).  This is the only video I actually remember from it because I thought the song was good but couldn't tolerate the video.  Years later the band Bowling For Soup would blatantly rip off this video for the song "1985" (right down the fat dude playing guitar), only they replaced the trendy-punk kid for a blonde lady.

"He Who Laughs Last" by AFI
If you can make it past the inexplicable first 20 seconds of this video, you'll hear probably the best song AFI ever recorded that they would probably rather not be associated with.  Anyway, I decided to post this because there is a hilarious scene in the middle whereby Davy Havoc is repeatedly shot and stabbed by the other members (I would assume) of AFI, presumably because he is singing to loudly in the back of their trunk.

"2RAK005" by Bracket
God, this band is so good and this video is so stupid and pointless.


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