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So, as you may know, Cease Upon The Capitol are one of my all time favorite bands, and are almost certainly the one I'm the most obsessed with.  I ran across this archive of songs a while back but hadn't really listened to it because it seemed like just a compilation of songs on other records. This is basically true, but after I finally gave it a thorough listen I noticed a few things.  First I'll post the tracklist, then go on rambling about some shit you're sure not to care about.

 Protocol For The Left
 Body By Design
 King Of The World
 Turn Offs Include 
 Scaleback The Dosage
 Lullabies And Bad Dreams
 More Red Lines
 Bombs Away

So, to begin with, the first four songs listed were all released on their 7" in the Ape Must Not Kill Ape/From A Strangers Hand single series.  However, the versions here are mastered differently.  In the 7" versions, the bass is turned up really high and its all twangy and overpowering.  The mastering here tones that down and makes the songs much better.  "Scaleback The Dosage" and "Lullabies & Bad Dreams" both appear on the split 3" CD with Silbato, but this version of "Scaleback" is significantly longer with a different beginning and end.  "Lullabies" is pretty consistent with the Split version (it also appears on the first LP).  "More Red Lines" is an alternate version of "The End Of History" from the 7" of the same name which is different from both that version and the one on their demo CD.  "Bombs Away" appears to be unreleased elsewhere.  It's possible that this is a rip of their European Tour CD-R, which (from my futile research) is limited to 39 copies.  But I just don't know (if this is the case, the songs are now horribly out of order.)

For fans of:  Dolcim, Loma Prieta, The Third Memory

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