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10:33 PM

Cave Canem

More German crust in the vein of Alpinist.  Don't really have anything to add to that except that you might expect this to be a trend from now on.  Anyway, here is Cave Canem's ("Beware The Dog") 2006 demo and a split with Tampa, FL hardcore outfit The Holy Mountain.  They've got a few other releases (a 3 song 7" and split with Fractura) but these ones stand out.  If you want to check out more stop by Friend or Foe a blog focused on punk and hardcore from Germany (Hannover specifically) run by one of the members of Cave Canem.  You can find the rest of the bands releases.

For fans of: Alpinist, His Hero Is Gone, Hammers

Cave Canem on Myspace


Split w/ The Holy Mountain.


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