Cementing The Seams

The Plot Sickens


I listened to this album one time today and already know it's brilliant. Kidcrash are an emo/screamo band from Portland, Oregon who have released material with bands like Mexico's Arse Moreira (who have a way with being attached to split EPs that never come out) and fellow emo revivalists L'anietam, with whom they share a high pedestal in the realm of blending the twiddly midwestern emo of the 90's with innovative screamy hardcore. I really hope this record holds up under repeated listenings because it was one of the freshest things I've heard recently in a genre that I'm honestly pretty burned out on right now. "Snacks" is an emo ray of hope.

Bonus Content: Kidcrash gives away all of their previous recordings for free at German label Denovali. Denovali also offers releases from a ton of excellent bands (namely Dominic who just released a new album)

For fans of: L'antietam, Loma Prieta, Kaddish

Kidcrash on Myspace

Get it.

Pre-Order from Init Records (for us North Americans) and Denovali (for lucky Euros)


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