Cementing The Seams

The Plot Sickens


A while back I posted about this record's release and how great Canadian Rifle's previous material was and then just sort of dropped it. That's because when I first heard it I wasn't as impressed as I anticipated that I would be. I then forgot to give it subsequent listens and set it aside for a while. When I did get around to giving it it a fair shot, I fortunately turned out to be dead wrong because "Visibility Zero" is excellent. I mentioned it before but Canadian Rifle play a version of west coast hardcore punk with a midwestern swing all their own. And that's it. Stripped down glorious punk tunes that feel as old school as they do totally fresh. Believe me Canadian Rifle are one of the best punk bands around right now.

For fans of: Youth Brigade, Leatherface, Jawbreaker

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Get it.

Then buy it.


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