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BOYL #5: Daria

Daria performing "Tightrope Walker" at Maroq'n'roll Festival 12/06/08

The Run-down: Daria are a rock band from France whose latest record "Open Fire" was released in March of this year and was recorded by J. Robbins, which is the only reason I know about them. I haven't heard "Open Fire" but I've already kind of fallen in love with it just listening to a few songs online repeatedly, particularly "Tightrope Walker" (which you can listen to at the Magpie Cage). I have come extremely close to paying $19.13 (13 Euros) plus international shipping fees for their CD but I can't really justify it (maybe for a copy on vinyl) as it isn't on sale in the US. It doesn't appear to be on sale as mp3s anywhere either. Somebody find this for me.

Why this video is awesome: Like all the BOYL videos, the sound quality is pretty superb for a youtube recording. Of course, the song is fucking aces, but what I really enjoy is that the crowd is pretty stoic except for exactly one person (on the right) who is likely the only person who knows the song and isn't afraid to flail around like an ape. Excellent.


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