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The Marshes were sort of lost in the shuffle of 90's punk bands. Definitely not one of those groups people are still salivating over. They never had anything to do with Epitaph, Fat or Hopeless records (although they released this album on Dr. Strange which certainly wasn't obscure at the time) and honestly they didn't have a ton of lasting appeal. They released four full length albums and a few split 7" records with some bands I've never heard of before or since. Oh, also, one of its members played in DC post-hardcore acts Dag Nasty and Fugazi (for a short time). They also have some connection with Down By Law, the much more popular 90's punk act. Now, I'm not exactly sure how I came across "Pox On The Tracts". I'm pretty sure it was because the song "Girl On The Bus", which is like one of the best punk songs of all time and space, was on some compilation cd that a friend of mine had (actually I just realized it was Cinema Beer Nuts, a soundtrack to a music video compilation tape, released by Hopeless records, so scratch that earlier statement). Shit, anyway basically what I'm trying to say is that "Pox On The Tracts" is sort of a diamond in the rough. Both within the realm of 90's punk and the Marshes own material. If you enjoy the sort of pseudo-melodic, twangy bass, punk rock that takes its queues from east coast hardcore then you should really like this album. Beware, it's sort of a grower, but the payoff is a list of songs that represent punk in decades past and sound great.

For fans of: 90's punk, how many damn times do I have to say it

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Bretteh said...

Fantastic album. Actually, the rest of their catalog is equally stellar.

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