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Today is Indie Day at Cementing The Seams. Now, I'm using "indie" in a pretty generic sense that describes an extremely common musical asthetic, but hopefully with these posts you'll realize what I mean.
Why Indie Day you ask? No reason really, I simply am excited about a couple of newer releases that fall into a genre that I generally find pretty tired. I used to love this kind of stuff but I've become more and more disconnected with it as it's become more prevelant and honestly over-appreciated (thanks Arcade Fire). Good news though, there is (obviously) still great indie music out there.

Now then, Travels are a Massachusetts duo comprising former members of Victory At Sea and Metal Hearts. Their new record "Hot Summer", which came out in February, is a solid work from beginning to end. Borrowing elements from all over the map, Travels create a sort of collage of songs that sound almost like they don't fit together, but its so carefully constructed that it's impossible to fault them. Travels aren't eclectic, but they know how to compile influences, putting together styles, sounds and instruments together to make a whole record of great music. It seems like there are a lot of male/female duo's making this sort of music lately (insert list of said artists here). Luckily, Travels makes it sound like a really good idea. "Hot Summer" isn't poppy or ambient, but finds a suitable middle ground that I feel like just about everyone should be able to appreciate.

For Fans of: A Weather, Pinback, Death Cab For Cutie

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