Cementing The Seams

The Plot Sickens


Medications performing "The Last of The Rest Was The End" at Fort Reno, 2005

The Run-down:
Medications are a three-piece from Washington, DC composed of Devin Ocampo and Chad Molter (members of Smart Went Crazy and Faraquet, two bands I adore beyond reason) and drummer extraordinaire Andrew Becker. Medications play post-hardcore math-rock (I like buzz words) at a level that is unassuming but incredible. Previously they have released a self-titled EP and an amazing full-length called "Your Favorite People All In One Place" Currently they are working on a new album which I have extremely high hopes for. Unfortunately it will be without the aid of Becker on drums, but I think they'll manage.

Why this video is awesome:
Evidently, at least at one point in time, Medications were the tightest band on the Earth. This is the type of thing I always assumed can't really be faithfully recreated, but after watching this (and two other must-see Medications recordings from the festival two years later) I realized that these guys probably vomit talent and can do such things easily. Watch Andrew Becker play the drums. Listen to Ocampo play those riffs. Watch Chad Molter squirm around like a fish (I'm kidding he's good too). I love this. Plus, it could hardly sound better.


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