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It's still Indie Day and...

Another EP = Time for another bullet review!

- The Gifted Children are back with a bunch of new music that was released in March.
- The most recent release "Open Windows" is a jampacked, 11 minute EP that picks up where "Always Stay Sweet" (one of my favorite releases last year, which I reviewed here) left off.
- It has the same excellent mix of acoustic, electronic, short and poppy songwriting that makes Always Stay Sweet so endearing (and a new version of album highlight "A Forest")
- Oh, its also free! Along with tons of other music on their website.
- Also, they quoted me on their homepage. I love these guys!

For Fans of: New Pornographers, Capstan Shafts, Neutral Milk Hotel

Download "Open Windows" and others Here

The Gifted Children on Myspace


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thanks for the nod, glad you like our recent stuff!


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