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Canadian Rifle

Good news! As of today, the debut full length LP, titled “Visibility Zero” by Chicago punk group Canadian Rifle is available here at Residue Records. I haven’t heard it yet, so there isn’t much I can say about it other than I am totally excited. If you’re unfamiliar with Canadian Rifle, it’s not really surprising, but it IS a god damn shame. In 2007 the band released two excellent 7”s (which are now out of print as far as I know) that were each a punk-rock kick in the face. Reminiscent of late 80’s early 90’s west-coast hardcore, Canadian Rifle plays punk rock by definition with a catchy twist that makes you wonder why you would ever listen to any other genre of music. Their first 3 song 7” in particular is a 6 minute masterpiece. You should listen to this band.

For Fans Of: Youth Brigade, Leatherface, Jawbreaker

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