Cementing The Seams

The Plot Sickens


This will be short.  I've posted stuff by this band before and they absolutely shred.  This collection was released on their recent US tour with June Paik on CD and contains the band's entire discography up til now.  It even has their 2 tracks from their new split 7" with June Paik on React With Protest.  So you've heard me go on about their LP and split 10" with Resurrectionists (in fact I'm putting this on my turntable right now), if you didn't grab those then, do it now.  This is so much good hardcore in one package it's retarded.

For fans of: Alpinist, Hammers, His Hero Is Gone

Battle of Wolf 359 on Myspace

Get it.

Buy their stuff from Meatcube or Vitriol  (both for US buyers)


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