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The Plot Sickens


I was familiar with Hostage Calm before listening to their new LP but it didn't really matter because it sounded nothing like I expected.  Hailing from the indie/punk hotbed (evidently) that spawned recent emo revivalists My Heart To Joy, and Make Do And Mend (Connecticut), Hostage Calm have produced a over-the-top-catchy and imminiently listenable new record that plays effortlessly from start to finish.  I hesitate to call it pop-punk because I feel like it implies a level of simplicity that the record far overshoots, but, there really isn't anything else to call it.  It is pop and punk and it is pretty brilliant.  The songs on the record are all so varied almost every one reminds me of something different (a few sound like Blueline Medic, others like Santana), and I can hardly remember which parts fit into which songs.  I've been listening to it for a couple weeks solid now and it still keeps me guessing.

For fans of:  Polar Bear Club, Pilot To Gunner, The Loved Ones

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