Cementing The Seams

The Plot Sickens


So I realize that you've probably seen every post I've made lately coming from a mile away, but whatever.  At least I'm posting something right?  Anyway, this is another record I have to say something about based on the number of times I've mentioned it since it was announced.  I feared it would never come out, but at long last (a pun by accident!) it has.  Released by the ever-dependable React With Protest on black and green vinyl with a bunch of different color covers, the collaboration of two bands this good demanded that I at least buy two.  So I did.  Dolcim contributes an alternate version of "Richard (54, Priest)" and Hammers offer up two new songs that are out of this world.  As much as I love Dolcim, Hammers really shine on their side of the split.  As much as I hoped this EP would be good I think my expectations were surpassed.  I haven't listened to the link I'm posting, so I hope it's not messed up or anything.  But if it is, so what, you should be buying it right now anyway.

For Fans of:  His Hero Is Gone, Alpinist,

Stream Hammers' Side at their Bandcamp

Get it.


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