Cementing The Seams

The Plot Sickens


Alright, so here's my hyberbolic take on this record:

Everyone ever:  OMG dude have you heard the new Cult Ritual LP?
Me: No, actually I've never actually listened to Cult Ritual
Everyone ever:  Man, you are missing something here.  Seriously like hardcore history in the making
Me: O rly?
Everyone ever: Yeah, if for some reason you don't like this then you're oblivious and should likely hate yourself
Me:  Fine, jesus I'll give it a shot.
Me again:  Oh, fuck this really is good
Now, I don't know if this record is really that mind blowing, but it certainly is nothing short of excellent.  A short, concise piece of hardcore music that people are genuinely and deservedly flipping out over.  Check it.

Check out the rest of their discography here

Don't listen to it first. Get it.

And buy it, because its still available at Youth Attack


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