Cementing The Seams

The Plot Sickens


I ran across this band in my quest to find bands that sound similar to Sanctions and familiarize myself more closely with crust punk.  I'm not sure if I can speak with any authority yet about the merits of crust, but these dudes DO sound like Sanctions on a grander scale, and they DO fucking rule.  Alpinist are from Germany (Münster to be precise) and are actually getting quite a bit of hype it seems.  "Minus.Mensch" came out in June and the band is planning to release a split LP with UK crust band Hammers, who are also excellent (as an aside, Hammers are also on the verge of releasing a split 7" EP with Dolcim!  You should download their "Year One" cassette here, because they're awesome and giving it away for free). Anyway "Minus.Mensch" is great and is pretty much the only reason I've ever wished I could speak German.  So, if you liked that Sanctions stuff, be sure to give this a go.

Bonus content:  Alpinist wants you to hear their 2007 demo tape, so they give it away for free.  It is immense, so check it out.

For fans of: Sanctions, Hammers, His Hero Is Gone, Fall of Efrafa

Alpinist on Myspace

Get it.

Order it from various European distros including (but not limited to) Phobiact Records, Contraszt!, and Alerta Antifascista


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