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Have mentioned before how much I love the band Bluetip? Yes? Then we're on the same page. If you haven't gleaned that fact from previous posts, or don't read the posts at all then let me just assure you; I love Bluetip. Actually, there is no real reason I'm writing about Retisonic instead of Bluetip right now, but I suppose I'm in a mood. Anyway, the reason I started off as such is because Retisonic and Bluetip are basically the same. Retisonic formed shortly after Bluetip split, evidently because Jason Farrell decided he wasn't done writing post-hardcore songs with his trademark jangly, highly polished riffery. Retisonic manages to keep its "DC" sound while deviating still-further from Farrell's hardcore roots in Swiz. Anywho, "Return To Me" is Retisonics only full-length release, sandwiched between two enjoyable but less remarkable EP's ("The Lean Beat" and "Levittown"). Evidently they are working on a second LP, but I'm not getting my hopes up to see it released any time soon. This album still gets better every time I listen to it. Also, Modern City Records released it on vinyl, but I've yet to secure a copy.

For fans of: Bluetip, Riddle of Steel, Pilot To Gunner

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