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Let me preface this post by saying that a post at Last Train To Cool covers this topic much more deftly and in more detail than I am about to. So check it out here.

Richmond, VA bands Malady and Verse En Coma have a lot of things in common. Mostly though, they include members of earlier, much better recognized Richmond emotional hardcore bands Pg. 99 and City of Caterpillar. Spawn of the Richmond hardcore scene, Malady, whose singular self-titled release appeared in 2004 was a departure from the chaos of Pg. 99 and the wandering screamo epics of City of Caterpillar. Malady took elements of each group and mixed them together in musical soup of slower riff-heavy post-harcore while conforming more to the emo sentiment of City of Caterpillar. Fast forward 4 years and roughly the same group of guys release "Rialto" under the name Verse En Coma. Verse En Coma is the next logical step the Pg. 99, CoC, Malady sequence. Rialto moves more in the direction of indie rock but maintains all of the original elements that Malady preserved. Though neither band has recieved the notoriety of Pg. 99 or City of Caterpillar, members of the Richmond cornerstones have gone on to make some of the most poignant post-harcore records since.

For fans of: Pg. 99, City of Caterpillar, A Day In Black And White

Malady on Mypsace

Verse En Coma on Myspace


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