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The Plot Sickens


* Important:  it should be noted that I began writing this post something like 4 months ago.  I'm not quite sure what happened.  What follows is largely unabridged.

It may be obvious to you that I haven't been too excited about much new music lately.  That, or you think I'm just lazy as shit.  You'd be right on both counts but the first thing is relative to the point I am trying to make.  I haven't been taken by anything new for a long time (Sleepies being the exception that proves the rule), until recently.  This post should be the start of a series of interrelated band-incest posts that is sure to impress even the most apathetic and conspicuous hipster scrooges!

Town (fucking) Portal are so good it hurts.  The follow up full length to last year's "Vacuum Horror", "Chronopoly" has the Danish math-rock trio treading some new water and then chugging said water and pissing it into your ears (I'm trying I guess).  Everything you (read: I) loved about "Vacuum Horror" is still readily apparent with the and coated in thick, shiny sludge.  Town Portal expands on their signature sound (if such a thing is possible after one EP), informed by 90's midwestern math-rock and emo, to include even more complexity and punch.  Nothing about "Chronopoly" is ethereal or spacious like you might expect of some instrumental post-rock.  Like the title implies (I think), they use every bit of time afforded to them to do something astounding.

For Fans Of:  The Life And Times, Torche, idiotic descriptors like "thick, shiny sludge"

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pdxloon said...

Enjoying this while I grade tests at a coffee shop. My kids did bad too so it's fitting. Thanks for posting.

pdxloon said...

To clarify...fitting because of the rage I'm experiencing. Album is opposite of bad.

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