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The Plot Sickens


      I'm posting this for finality, for closure.  A while back (a year or more, I guess) I ran across french alt-rock group Daria because their most recent LP "Open Fire" had been mixed by J Robbins, who had posted one of the tracks on his studio's myspace page.  I couldn't find more than a couple other songs, nor the album to download, so this record became somewhat of an elusive snipe to me.  I could have bought the cd but paying the exchange rate on top of international shipping for a cd, well you get the picture.  Anyway, I would occasionally look for this on google, blogs, and make requests for people to upload it on torrent sites and the like.  My attempts were all for not and my feelers eventually retracted.  Today though, I decided to do what I was sure would be a fruitless search, but much to my surprise, Daria had built a bandcamp site, AND put the whole album up for free download!  So here I am, still listening to it for the first time and I'm pretty jazzed, but having a hard time staying excited about this.  It's good, but a bit more 90's post-metal than I expected.  It sounds like it was mixed by J Robbins (bonus) and really the songs are all pretty fucking catchy.  Mostly it reminds of riff heavy alt-rock bands like Clutch and Hundred Reasons.  Screw it this rules.  Today is awesome

FFO: Helmet, Clutch, Traindodge, Hundred Reasons

Stream and Download at Bandcamp


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