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The Plot Sickens


If you have any taste at all then you can probably skip this post because you definitely know everything it contains.  Or you could read it anyway and feel smug about how cool you are. If you have for some idiotic reason have not listened this band yet, then prepare to punch your genitals in regret/self-actualization. Either way the Big Kids will still be the best pop-punk band in the US/world/universe and they will still have 2011 by the balls with all the great music they are putting out.

Firstly, both the Hoop Dreams tape (Mountain Man Records) and LP (Protagonist) have been repressed.

Secondly, the Kids have a slew of NEW music being released.  Their split 7" with Koalacaust has been out and shipping from Mountain Man (see above) for a few weeks now. 

Mountain Man also has their newest EP "Don't Be A Baby" on cassette up for preorder right now.  A 7" version of said EP is available from Top Shelf for preorder as well.  These should be shipping in the next few weeks.

Soon enough they will also be releasing a split 7" with pop-punk freight train Joyce Manor.  Look for it soon at Solidarity Records.

AND, this summer Big Kids will be headed to europe to tour, but before that they'll be releasing a new LP stateside with Protagonist.

Excited yet?

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