Cementing The Seams

The Plot Sickens


Boston's Daniel Striped Tiger is a band I've been on the fence about for a while.  I've listened to just about everything they've released and it's all pretty good.  You know? Pretty good.  If a DST record is playing, I will enjoy it no doubt.  If it isn't playing, I'm probably not going to put it on; until now.  "No Difference" is pretty much what I imagine of whenever anyone says 'post-hardcore' (mostly when I say it).  It has all the necessary elements: Angular rhythms, minor chord abuse, flucuating meter, artsy fartsy bits, actual melody, yelling but not screaming.  This record is far better than I expected or even hoped.  I am sorry Daniel Striped Tiger, I should never have doubted you.  Thank you very much.

FFO: Fugazi, Frodus, Drive Like Jehu

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