Cementing The Seams

The Plot Sickens



So now that we all know that I was serious I'll just quit apologizing and get on with it.

There probably isn't a lot I can say about this record that hasn't already been said.  You've probably heard it and if not you've surely heard of it. AND IF NOT, well then you are in for a treat.  Earlier this year (in like September or something) German crust dudes Alpinist released their second full length LP, the much anticipated follow up to "Minus.Mensch" (probably the best record of 2009), called "Lichtlaerm" which means something in German duh.  This was easily my most anticipated record of the year unless I said that before (maybe about Dolcim) and damn did it live up to my expectations.  Is it as good as the first one? Probably.  Do I like it as much? Easily.  Are Alpinist my favorite hardcore band? Most definitely.  Unless I already said that (maybe about Loma Prieta).

Alpinist on myspace

Buy it.

Get it.


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