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The Plot Sickens


Sorry!  Summer is a super busy time for me, so I haven't been able to update recently.  I've hardly been able to find the time to listen to anything new.  I feel kindof obligated to post this though.  Partly because I will support this band for all time no matter what they do, and also because I feel like maybe it's expected of me to write something about it.

Anywho, for a while I thought "Dark Mountain" was to be Loma Prieta's last release, so imagine my surprise when I discovered they were putting out a fourth LP, and we hardly had to wait, gritting our teeth in typical punk fashion, for it to come out.  "Life/Less" promised to be Loma's "fastest and most hardcore sounding album", and it is.  I don't know what I was expecting to begin with, but as it turns out that "Life/Less" sounds exactly like I wanted to.  Every Loma Prieta record is its own entity to be sure, and the this one is as comparable to the rest of their catalog as each of the others.  Does that make sense?  Suffice to say that "Life/Less" cements the band's evolution from a screamo project to something else entirely, and their continued refinement make them absolutely one of the best bands in hardcore, and with this release, undeniably my favorite.
      A while ago, they sold the test pressings of the record (I of course had to leave on a boat trip the precise moment they went up for sale) and one of the gentlemen that purchased a copy made a rip of it.  The other copies of the record have been up for pre-order, but for the time being the band is touring Europe, so their US webstore is sold out right now.  But I'm sure they'll have it in stock when they get back.

For Fans of:  The other Loma Prieta records

Loma Prieta on Myspace

Buy it from Discos Huelga (when they get back)

Visit The Thinner The Air to Get It.


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