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The Plot Sickens


I'm not sure exactly what I'm about to write about this record, although I can pretty much assure you that no matter what it is, it will fall short of the praise I think it really deserves.  Sleepies are a 3 piece pop-punk band from Brooklyn who just released their first full length LP in an edition of 200 copies.   Let me begin by saying that it is a crime that only 200 copies of this album exist.  Though I suppose at this day in age, the amount of physical copies of an album has relatively little to do with it's exposure in the right conditions.  But I digress, Sleepies mash together some of the catchiest pop-punk with some of the most well-placed post-hardcore influenced guitar riffs I can recall hearing, ever.  That probably doesn't make any sense, but whatever.   Basically they sound like if Drive Like Jehu and Pavement had a baby that moved to Detroit and released an album on In The Red Records.  This record will absolutely be my go-to jam all summer long, and most likely for a long time after that. It is incredible.  Here Come The Sleepies.

Lastly here is a mission statement from the band
"We endorse:
- House shows
- John Madden
- Imaginary band feuds

We have no time for:
- Machismo
- The last episode of Battlestar Galactica (Seriously, [SPOILER ALERT] Starbuck is an angel??? What the frak...)"

Sorry about the BSG spoilers

For Fans of:  Drive Like Jehu, Scared Of Chaka, Pavement

Sleepies on Myspace

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