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The Plot Sickens


Fine Lines were a DC post-hardcore band that weren't around for very long.  Their only releases were this demo and split cassette with Maryland emo revivalists Boost, who are pretty damn good as well.  They don't really typify what you'd expect a DC band found on this blog to sound like, but they do claim to sound like "if Rites of Spring wore mittens while playing their songs" which seems pretty fair.  Though technically I suppose they are on par with Rites of Spring from a musicianship standpoint.  They do showcase some seriously awesome angular guitar noise with an ear for that melodious middle-ground that a lot of bands fall just short of.  It's a real shame that this band didn't go places because everything the recorded is way good.  So check them out.  You can also follow a link on their myspace page to download their split cassette with Boost.  I recommend it (and Boost too).

For fans of:  Drive Like Jehu, Ampere, Challenger

Fine Lines on Myspace

Get it.


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