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So, it's been a month and half of another month already into 2010 and I still haven't posted anything from this year yet.  Really it's because I've been holding out on posting this record (the band was supposed to put up a link for download but haven't yet), but I don't really feel like waiting anymore.  Anyway, I've mentioned these dudes a few times before but I'll give you the run-down again:  Hammers are a UK hardcore band who play d-beat/crust punk in the essence of His Hero Is Gone and Tragedy.  I recall them having a quote written somewhere that went something like "too punk to be metal, to metal to be punk" and I think that sums them up pretty well.  Anyway, this band is way good and this LP kicks ass on top of looking brilliant.  The covers and b-sides are screen printed by hand.  I don't know if they have any of the black copies left (there are 100), but I managed to pre-order this, and I'm really glad I did.  The other version is white with black screen printing.  In addition, you may already know, but Hammers are planning to release a split 7" with Dolcim on React With Protest (which should be out any time) and a split 12" with Alpinist, which somebody at ADAGIO830 told me they would be handling (but it's a ways off).  You can't play with bands like that and not rule, so give this a try if you dig hardcore.

For fans of: His Hero Is Gone, Dolcim, Alpinist

Hammers on Myspace

Get it.


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