Cementing The Seams

The Plot Sickens


I hope nobody is sick of hearing about this band, because this probably won't even be the last time this year that I write something about them.  I said that this was coming and, although it's later than I anticipated, I am following up on that claim because THAT'S WHAT I DO, and truthfully this album deserves it.

I expected big things from these dudes this year, and frankly it's what I got.  The proper follow-up to 2008's "Always Stay Sweet", and, as far as I can recall, their only full-length album of the year, "My Museum Pieces" has The Gifted Children polishing their pop chops with a slew of characteristically pretty, concise songs.  At first the record seemed a little unremarkable due it's slow nature and pacing, but I suppose it's the mood that is important.  After a few listens though, the songs I regarded as at all sub-par really grew on me, and most of them started getting stuck in my head at random intervals.  And isn't that what good pop music does (I suppose this also happens with bad pop music, but you get the point)?  It may not be as in-your-face good as "Always Stay Sweet" but it managed to sneak up on me and turn out to be one of my consistenly played albums of the year.  This is all more impressive when you consider that "My Museum Pieces" isn't even the best release by the Gifted Children THIS YEAR (more on this in the future).

For fans of:  The New Pornographers, The Capstan Shafts, Neutral Milk Hotel

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