Cementing The Seams

The Plot Sickens


Sometimes when I listen to albums they evoke very specific memories that may or may not make any sort of sense on the surface. For instance, this record reminds me of jelly donuts. When it came out in 2004 I was working in a family-owned record store that sold primarily Eminem and "Now That's What I Call Music" CDs (and absolutely no Swatches). As what I recall as sort of a ritual I would get home from class, head to the grocery store, buy a jelly donut and a Coke and immediately play this record at least twice when I showed up to work. I wish I could remember what else I would have been listening to after this album was over. If I were in a phase at the time and were listening to similar bands I probably would have a Bluetip, Burning Airlines or Shiner CD queued up. However, thinking about it, it was probably some white-boy hip-hop jams. Anyway, Get Saved is an album that I find really interesting. I can't say it's one of my all time favorites or anything but for some reason it's always been sortof special to me. It isn't particularly great but it has a nuance and individuality that made me appreciate it at the time. Actually, I like it more now than I ever did before. It should be noted that J Robbins produced and appeared on this album (if you actually need a bit of useful information).

Oh what the hell? these dudes are putting a record out this year!

For fans of: Bluetip, Burning Airlines, Shiner (I'm lazy)

Pilot To Gunner on Myspace
(new song is good)

Get it.


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