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The Plot Sickens


Alright, so between finishing up my last couple of weeks of college and preparing to move 2000 miles away I've been a little busy. Too busy to write and too busy to listen to new music with any sort of regularity. Luckily, I wasn't too busy to take time off of work to go see My Heart To Joy play a set a local winery. I'd read about, heard about and listened to their new record "Seasons In Verse" for about 2 months before the show and I couldn't have been more pleased when the band pretty much nailed it.

Anyway, "Seasons In Verse" is a guitar driven punk/emo powerhouse. Like a lot of the shit I post on here it's got a pretty strong 90's vibe. A lot of band's are writing stuff like this lately but "Seasons In Verse" certainly holds it's own by comparison.

For fans of: Braid, Bridge & Tunnel, Kinsellas and their progeny

My Heart To Joy on Myspace

Get it. Then buy it.


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